Blumio Keeps The Beat

We built Blumio from the ground up from an audacious idea: to create a sensor that can measure blood pressure without applying any pressure on the body.

Over the course of four years, we invented, designed, and built a health sensor that can be integrated into consumer and medical devices.

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A Versatile Sensor

Blumio’s sensor uses radar to capture cardiovascular signals from the body. We say “cardiovascular signal” because this signal allows us to extract cardiovascular metrics including pulse rate, blood pressure, and pulse wave velocity (a measure of arterial stiffness). 

Our sensor can pick up a signal anywhere pulses can be felt, offering extensive flexibility when it comes to developing new products or integrating into an existing one.

The sensor is also compact, making it suitable for wearable applications.

Case Study: How to Design a Medical Wearable

How Does It Work?

Principle of Operation:


With each beat of the heart, the pulsation travels along the artery and create microscopic motions on the surface of the skin. 


Using radar, our sensor reads in these motions and translates them into a high fidelity arterial waveform which contains cardiovascular metrics.


Using machine learning, the arterial waveform is processed by our algorithms to extract pulse rate, blood pressure, and pulse wave velocity.



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